Included in this "Jtag kit" are:

-3qty 1N4148 Diode

-2 small lengths of heat shrink tubing. 

These diodes are the only "specialty" item that is needed to perform the old school JTAG modification.  The only additional things you would need are some  bits of wire, and a way to read/write the nand (JRP or Nandx). 

Remember - JTAG can ONLY be done to consoles on dashboard 2.0.7371 and below - they are VERY rare in 2022! 


**Note:  Purchase of supplies from my shop does not entitle you to me personally supporting your install.  I'll try to help out with questions or issues as much as I can, but my personal support of your install is not guaranteed.  If you need help, check out for some guidance on the type of info I need and then use the "contact" page to reach out to me.

***I'm only listing these here due to many, many request - my advice would be that you simply buy a whole bunch of these diodes off of eBay for super cheap.   


This diagram references using an LPT cable to read/write the nand, and I would suggest you consider a JRP or a Nandx instead, but it does still correctly show how to install the 1N4148 diodes for the JTAG wiring (the yellow, red, and blue lines)  This image would apply to NON-xenon consoles

This is the wiring for XENON jtag:

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