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Updated March 17th, 2023

Recommended sellers that offer send-in services or pre-modded consoles:

**Note - My recommendation of someone below does not mean I'm taking any responsibility for their work. 
Please do your own homework, any deal struck between you and one of the people below is just between you two - I'm not getting paid to advertise. 


- TheModShop - Xbox 360 "S" consoles only.  ModShop is a super stand-up guy and I've worked with him for years - he designed several of the tools I sell! He's got a great discord server set up with active support and community. Get in touch with him for your modding needs!

Octals Console Shop  sells both premods and does send in services.  Website has awesome download section:  https://octalsconsoleshop.com/  This is the guy who maintains the Jrunner software. He's a legend!

- Mena#0001 is back at it again running his send-in service. You can find it on his PhenomMods store. Mena is super-legit and is heavy involved in the current modding scene.  Also a great dude to talk to if you are into Retro consoles.

- TheLazyITGuy - customer turned installer, responsive via Discord username:   TheLazyITGuy#0001

- Jimmys Chipped Consoles -  ebay reseller turned Discord/Private.  Get his details from https://www.jimmyschippedconsoles.com/


- ChipChopMod.uk offers a send-in RGH service here:  https://chipchopmod.co.uk/rgh-consoles

- Mad Modders can handle any RGH related service and is reachable via Discord username Mad Modders#9955 or via email madmodders@gmail.com

If you know of a trustworthy RGH seller / send-in service provider, please drop me a note at weekendmodder@gmail.com and I'll consider adding them to the list. 

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All Send-In Services

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