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Effective immediately, 9/23/2018 the Weekend Modder is no longer offering any console send-in services.
The Xbox Tools section will remain open - we will continue to sell glitch chips and other modding supplies!

Aaron and his family want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you that have trusted us with your consoles over the last 8+ years of modding Xbox 360 consoles.   The decision to close send-in services was not an easy one! 

I'm very hopeful that I'll still be doing live streams and videos from time to time, and even selling the occasional pre-modified console. 

Thanks again, I wish everyone the best


The Weekend Modder

Recommended sellers that offer send-in services:

**Note - My recommendation of someone below does not mean I'm taking any responsibility for their work. 
Please do your own homework, any deal struck between you and one of the people below is just between you two - I'm not getting paid to advertise. 


-TheModShop - Xbox 360 "S" consoles only.  ModShop is a super stand-up guy and I've worked with him for years - he designed several of the tools I sell!

-Nemesis Mods - Nemesis offers services for phats. He also offers dual nand services. His link here is an email address nemesismods11@gmail.com

-sn00wconsoles - sn00w was a customer of mine, who grew into doing his own service.  His website is here: https://sn00wconsoles.com 

-XeDevn - another customer who went on to run his own send in service and resales.  He works through IG - catch him @XeDevn  https://www.instagram.com/xedevn/ 

- Octals Console Shop  sells both premods and does send in services.  Website has awesome download section:  https://octalsconsoleshop.com/ 



-SGC Sam - Sam's demonstrated trustworthiness, and good clean work.  If you're in the UK and looking for a mod, give him a shot!  He's also got already modified consoles ready to go!  Sam will also ship within the Scottish borders/islands or within Northern Ireland/Republic of Ireland for an additional fee. 

-sn00wconsoles - sn00w was a customer of mine, who grew into doing his own service.  His website is here: https://sn00wconsoles.com 

ModCentralUK Harry seems to run a tight ship, offers service to anywhere in the UK, including Northern Ireland.  Also all of Europe for additional fee. 

If you know of a trustworthy RGH seller / send-in service provider, please drop me a note at weekendmodder@gmail.com and I'll consider adding them to the list.