Purchase includes:

-JR programmer v2 device

-JRPv2  to nand header wires   (cable that goes from the JRP to the 360's motherboard)

-JRPv2 to CR programming cable.  (cable that goes from the JRP to glitch chips in order to program them)

-6 pin bit of pin header so you can insert into the JRP to CR programming cable to easily program glitch chips without soldering.

-JRPv2 "rater" cable (used only with specific Team-Xecuter products like the CR4 and RJTAG kits to do "rater" boot testing)   *most people won't use this

You can download the JRP V2 Drivers from me here:   www.weekendmodder.com/JRPv2_drivers.zip

Try the alternative drivers here if you have problems with "driver signature" related stuff:  www.weekendmodder.com/JRProgrammerDriverInstaller.rar

The nand reading wires that are included have little connectors on them originally designed to be used with QSBs.  I suggest you just clip them off and use them as normal, but if you want to keep them original then pick up a set of extras. 

**Note:  No USB cable is included.  This device requires a USB "mini" type connector. Technical name of the cable you need:  A-Male to Mini-B.   

Looks like this, you probably already have one. 

and I've got them for sale separately on my store now. 

**Note:  Purchase of supplies from my shop does not entitle you to me personally supporting your install.  I'll try to help out with questions or issues as much as I can, but my personal support of your install is not guaranteed.  If you need help, check out weekendmodder.com/helpme for some guidance on the type of info I need and then use the "contact" page to reach out to me.

This device is used for diagnostic/repair work on the Xbox 360 console.  

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JR Programmer V2 - nand programmer and glitch chip flasher

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