This purchase is for ONE Matrix Glitcher V1 board/chip. 

This chip is used for diagnostic/repair work on the Xbox 360 console.  


Purchase includes:

-1qty Matrix Glitcher V1 Chip WITHOUT  onboard crystal oscillator

*No wires are included with this glitch chip.   Using 28 or 30 AWG wire is recommended. 

**Kynar (wrapping) solid core wire is recommended for RGH 1.2 installs. 

*NOTE - this version of the Matrix V1 I  DOES NOT have the onboard 48mhz crystal which makes it a good choice for PHAT and TRINITY installs since those don't require the crystal! 

Please see the OTHER listing for Matrix V1 if you are doing a CORONA muffin install as you do need the oscillator for that type of install. 

If this listing is low on stock, or you want a highly flexible chip that can be used for either type of install then you can buy the other matrix with oscillator, and just disable the crystal oscillator as needed when you do Phat or Trinity installs: 

If you remove the little resistor circled in red right above and between D&E it disables the crystal oscillator and makes the chip function just like one without it.  

** The Matrix V1 comes BLANK as default and requires programming.   I offer the option on the right to program the RGH 1.2 "21" timing file as I find that one gives great performance on both Falcons and Jasper motherboards.  I also offer the option to program the Muffin 7_1 timing file which does great on Trinity installs.

You absolutely can program it yourself with any number of possible programmers on the market. 

*We've had a lot of folks buying a programmer like a Nand-X or a JRP V2 and still ordering their chips pre-programmed. If you order a programmer- just program them yourself and save yourself the $1 fee we have added. 

Here is the download file pack for the muffin timings: 

Here is the download file pack for the RGH 1.2 timings:


This product requires professional installation and should NOT be attempted by amateurs.

Due to the high risk of user error the Matrix chip is sold here with absolutely NO WARRANTY.

There are NO RETURNS ACCEPTED under ANY circumstances once the item has been touched by a soldering  iron.

**Note:  Purchase of supplies from my shop does not entitle you to me personally supporting your install.  I'll try to help out with questions or issues as much as I can, but my personal support of your install is not guaranteed.  If you need help, check out for some guidance on the type of info I need and then use the "contact" page to reach out to me.

Slim Trinity Muffin Install information:

Install Image:
Trinity Muffin Timing files:

PHAT RGH 1.2 Information


So, just to be thorough:

RST is A on Matrix and D on CoolRunner Rev C

POST is B on Matrix and C on CoolRunner Rev C

CLK is C on Matrix and B on CoolRunner Rev C

D/E are skipped on Matrix, E/F are skipped on CoolRunner Rev C

PLL is F on Matrix and A on CoolRunner Rev C


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Matrix Glitcher V1 (without oscillator)

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