Unfortunately we are out of stock on the Viper and modshop is not making any more of this version.  He has given me some preview of upcoming products - and his new dual nand solution will be epic - hang tight!

This purchase is for ONE "Viper Dual Nand"  board/chip.      This chip is used for diagnostic/repair work on the Xbox 360 console.  


Purchase includes:

-Viper Dual Nand Chip


This product requires professional installation and should NOT be attempted by amateurs.

Due to the high possibility of user error the Viper Dual Nand is sold here with absolutely NO WARRANTY.

There are NO RETURNS ACCEPTED under ANY circumstances once the item has been touched by a soldering  iron.

**Note:  Purchase of supplies from my shop does not entitle you to me personally supporting your install.  I'll try to help out with questions or issues as much as I can, but my personal support of your install is not guaranteed.  If you need help, check out weekendmodder.com/helpme for some guidance on the type of info I need and then use the "contact" page to reach out to me.

This livestream is currently the best video tutorial for the install of the Viper Dual Nand.  The installation is shown correctly, though the timing file I selected was not the correct one, you should use the rgh2_tri-su_du_50_1.xsvf file that can be found in my Jrunner Pack here

Video of Mr. Mario doing a Viper install:

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Viper Dual Nand

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