This purchase is for ONE SD Tool Version 2.2 

These are the Corona 4gb Nand R/W tools designed by Element18592 the owner of 

Purchase includes:

-ONE SD Tool Version 2.2 "Weekend Modder" edition

*NOTE:  This tool does NOT include the wires that would connect from the SD Tool to the motherboard - please see the video and recommended kynar wire for that purpose.

**Note:  Purchase of supplies from my shop does not entitle you to me personally supporting your install.  I'll try to help out with questions or issues as much as I can, but my personal support of your install is not guaranteed.  If you need help, check out for some guidance on the type of info I need and then use the "contact" page to reach out to me.


This product requires professional installation and should NOT be attempted by amateurs.

Due to the high possibility of user error the SD Tool is sold here with absolutely NO WARRANTY.

There are NO RETURNS ACCEPTED once the item has been touched by a soldering  iron.


Recommended SD Card Reader:  

Recommended alternate USB 3.0 Reader:

Kynar/Wrapping wire: 

Quck suggestions / Troubleshooting typically my advice to folks is three fold: 

1) Ensure the wires you used to connect from the SD tool to your motherboard are as short as possible.  Like no more than 2-3  inches maximum. 

2) Try multiple SD card readers.  I keep something like 4 or 5 of them on hand - what is odd is that the same SD tool installed in different consoles will succeed with one reader on one console, then not work with that same reader on the next console.  I often swap between 2-3 readers before I get a successful read. 

3) Try using Modshop's 4gb reading tool instead of Jrunner.  It seems to be less sensitive and succeeds sometimes when Jrunner fails. You can download it here:  

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SD Tool v2.2 by element18592

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