These are 0603 SMD LEDs that are used for changing the color on the front Ring of Light boards on Xbox 360s, as well as for controllers!

The only 4 colors I offer FOR SALE currently are:  RED, BLUE, ORANGE, and PINK.  

I offer them in packages of:

-5qty for 0.50

-15qty for $1

Its pretty obvious which is the better deal.

Phat ring of lights need 5 LEDs.

Slim ring of lights need 10 LEDs.

Slim "E" ring of lights need 6 LEDs. 

Controllers only need 4 LEDs. 

If you are buying anything else from my "Xbox Tools" section adding these on shouldn't cost you any additional shipping.

If you order these and nothing else, you're looking at $2.95 in shipping.  (That's USPS First Class and you get a tracking number)


Phat ring of light polarity:

Slim ring of light polarity:

I don't have an image for the Slim "E" ring of light because the polarity for that one is actually printed on the ring of light board.  :-)



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5 Pack of 0603 SMD LEDs

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