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Dear Weekend Modder,
I was modding my Xbox the other day, and after I did everthing it wouldn't boot. What should I do?
-Yours truly sup3rG4merXxX

I get emails just like the one above ALL THE TIME and there is nothing more frustrating for me. Why? Is it because I'm a jerk who just really doesn't want to help? No! it's because there is NO INFORMATION for me to go on in that email.

-Let's break that email down:
I was modding my Xbox the other day
Xbox 360? Original Xbox? Modding how? DVD drive flashing? JTAGing? attempting to RGH it? Not to mention that even if we assume they're talking about the 360, there's no information about what motherboard type it is.

after I did everything
-Everything what??? How can I possibly have any clue what this guy has done?

it wouldn't boot
-Define "boot". When you press the power button absolutely nothing happens? Does the center ring of lights come on at all? Doe you get any output on your TV? An error code? Does it freeze at a certain part and restart?

what should I do?
-Surprisingly the answer to this question is the simplest: Undo what you did, and see if it works like it used to. It might sound sarcastic, but it's honestly the best troubleshooting technique. Specifically talking about JTAG/RGH that would mean re-writiging the original nand file (nanddump1.bin) and disabling the glitch chip (disconnect it's power wire) and confirm the console will still boot retail. If it doesn't - you know you've damaged something and need to sort that out before attempting any sort of mod.

TWM, dude, chill out - I'm a n00b how should I know what info to include?

I hear ya, I really do but I still need you to try. Here's a list of items that would be really helpful to include when sending me a message asking for help:

-What type of console are you working on ? (Falcon, Jasper, Trinity, Corona)
-What type of modification are you trying to do? (RGH1, RGH1.2, RGH2, S-RGH, JTAG, R-JTAG, DVD flashing)
-Detailed steps of what you've done to the console so far
-PICTURES of your soldering / installation
-Jrunner log (if possible)
-Detailed description of the problem symptioms. Do lights blink? What color? Does the front ROL come on? Do you get any output on your screen?
-Description of any "fixes" you've already had to do. Solder pads pulled off? Alternate points being used? Is the console a previous RROD repair?

Here's the bottom line:
Questions with not enough information make it difficult or impossible for me to provide any help. I want to help - so you have to give me enough info to work with, otherwise you might not get a reply.

Self-help is the best help!

Where to find good info?

There are tons and TONS of forums and sites with lots of great information already out there for you to search your problem and figure out what could be causing your issue. First and foremost I would point you at the guides section of this very website where I have tutorials broken down by each motherboard type. Beyond that, there are lots of good resources:

-Team Xecuter
Officially dedicated to TX products only, there is a wealth of knowledge in their forum archive. This is great for the nitty gritty of RGH work. Alternate points, repair options, resistor values. You're likely to find someone who had the same or similar issue as you searching through the TX forums. Do be cautious posting for help though, they are hardcore about their support of only TX products so if you ask about a non-TX product be prepared for backlash.

An active community even today in 2018 this is a good stop for getting some quick feedback. There's an active modding community that often has updated guides for new dashboard versions and stealth service updates. There are some pretty active and knowledgeable memebers that can provide installation feedback as well.

Legacy software abounds on this website. Emulator downloads, hard to find original Xbox emulator downloads and more.

Downloads for old FreeStyle Dash, new Aurora releases, and DashLaunch updates are found here first pretty often.