Corona Motherboards with 4gb Nand

First - are you sure it's a 4gb? You want to be sure!

When it comes to Corona consoles, there are a few questions that you need to answer to make sure that you have the right supplies in order to successfully RGH the console.

-Is my console a 4gb Nand, or 16mb Nand?
-Does my console have normal in-tact post out, or will I need a postfix adapter?

The first video below will help you answer both of those questions:

How to identify if you have a 4gb or 16mb console + if you need a postfix adapter:

Now that you're sure you have a 4gb Corona, you need a 4gb R/W tool. Options include my SD tool, Maxiumus 4gb r/w kit, Xecuter 4gb r/w kit, or even a DIY reader

you should also take the time to figure out if you'll need a postfix adapter or not

I've live streamed a bunch of 4gb mods:

I'm provided the static reference images here:

Team Xecuter also put out a great Corona identification image:

4gb Nands:

The modding specific tools used on Corona 4gb consoles are:
-SD Tool 2.1
-Ace V3
-Postfix v1 or v2 (only necesarry if your console doesn't have normal post-out)