Corona Motherboards with 4gb Nand

First - are you sure it's a 4gb? You want to be sure!

When it comes to Corona consoles, there are a few questions that you need to answer to make sure that you have the right supplies in order to successfully RGH the console.

-Is my console a 4gb Nand, or 16mb Nand?
-Does my console have normal in-tact post out, or will I need a postfix adapter?

The first video below will help you answer both of those questions:

How to identify if you have a 4gb or 16mb console + if you need a postfix adapter:

Now that you're sure you have a 4gb Corona, you need a 4gb R/W tool. Options include the SD tool or 4gb tool by element18592, Maxiumus 4gb r/w kit, Xecuter 4gb r/w kit, or even a DIY reader

you should also take the time to figure out if you'll need a postfix adapter or not

Static reference images for determining if you have a 4gb nand or 16mb nand Corona, and below that how to determine if you need a postfix adapter:

Team Xecuter has put out a great Corona identification image.

Ace V3 install - RGH2, using the SD tool and a postfix V1:
-SD Tool 2.2
-Postfix v1
-Ace V3

Ace V3 install - RGH2, using the SD tool with no postfix needed - VERY detailed:

Ace V3 install - RGH2, using the Matrix 4gb r/w tool, and did NOT need a postfix adapter :
-Ace V3
-4gb Tool by element18592 is a very similar replacement for Maximus 4gb tool

Ace V5 install - RGH2, using the 4gb r/w tool, and a postfix V2:
-Ace V5
-4gb Tool by element18592
-Postfix V2

Detailed video on read/write 4gb nand using 4gb Tool by element18592

Matrix V1 install using "Muffin" technique, these are 16mb consoles but it's still relevant to review as the only difference would be the read/write process to the nand:
-Matrix V1 with oscillator
4gb Tool by element18592 instead of Nandx if you're doing a 4gb

A nice reference image for the "muffin" style install: