First Things First...

Before any decision can be made about which modification to do or how to do it you first must know exactly which model and motherboard console you have.

We can first narrow this down by the 3 console types, and then further identify the specific motherboard type from there. We've laid that out in our identification guide.


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Mission Statement

Why am I writing these tutorials?

No, seriuosly. Why? Can someone tell me?
In the guides I am setting out to produce, I intend to cover these mods in depth. I plan for this to include:
  • Tools Required - including discussion on tool options
  • Sourcing - where to buy the variuos moding supplies
  • Best practices on techniques - lessons I learned the hard way
  • A focus on the cheapest RELIABLE & reproduceable methods - I want ANYONE to be able to follow along
  • Reference Images - pictures are more better'er than words!

  • Disclaimer:
    In these tutorials, I make use of amazon affiliate links to many of the generic tools I reccommend. The affiliate link means I will get a small kickback from Amazon of that sale if you buy through my link.
    I also plan to make frequent mention of my own web store where you will be able to buy many of the special tools. I really appreciate those of you that will choose to support me by purchasing some of your supplies from my site

    A word on the "complete-ness" of the tutorials

    As of right now, I'm planning to make every effort to have a separate tutorial for:
  • Xenon JTAG (even though it will be very rare to find a JTAG'able console)
  • Non-Xenon JTAG
  • Falcon/Jasper RGH 1.2
  • Trinity - (Ace V3 CR4 Method) and (Muffin CR4 method with Rev C or Matrix V1)
  • Corona - (Ace V3 Method) and (Muffin CR4 Method with Matrix V1 ) also to cover variations for 4gb vs 16mb nand & postfix adapter

  • What about Xenon RGH? Or Zephyr RGH 1.2?

    The bottom line is that in my extensive experience I've found that any RGH attempts on Xenons or Zephyrs is just wasted time. They're such a pain and don't have reliable & repeatable methods.

    The idea is that there will be one complete, all inclusve guide for "the recommended" method for each of those 5 in the list above, and I'll have all the small deviations and changes per motherboard documented along the way as best I can.